How To Receive Official Recognition from the Italian Minister of Justice

On the 3th June there was the official ceremony to Award the Best Projects for the “Legalità e Merito nei Licei” Voluntary Program.

As I described in a precedent article, I participated using an Innovative Solution to Teach and Spread Digital Skills among High School’s Students with a Focus on the Importance of Ethics and Legality not only for working purposes but also in life.

This was one of the challenges that I loved to solve the most, in fact I think Education is one of the most noble way people can spend their time.
What I mean with Education obviously includes also Teaching, because the first to learn is the Teacher himself.

It was an amazing experience and I was so grateful to all the kindly high school’s students who were so “avid” to Learn and Discover new Skills that generally aren’t teach into the Classical Schools.

They asked me a lot of advice, and I was so Happy to help them: I learned a lot and they too.

During this Amazing Experience I learned that everyone has a True Potential that is Exponentially greater than the Present Image of himself.

Everyone is Potentially Outstanding, it is just a Question of Discovering the Right Environment and the Right Stimulus that can give a boost to her/his Vision.

This is also Why Legality and Merit are fundamental to Our Society.
Because the “Legal Framework” and the ability to ensure its respect by People determine a more favorable Environment, helping Potentially Outstanding Individuals to Develop their true Potential.

My Job, the Successful Management of the High School’s students and the Final Result, were Recognized by the Italian Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede.

He thanked me for the Excellent Job done and for the effective and important results obtained in the Education Sector.

When He said me that, I was so proud and grateful and I felt that all my hard work as volunteer was paying off.

Contemporaneously, on the other side a MIUR’s Manager (the Ministry of Education) asked me a Formal Elaborate to describe and explain how to apply the method I used to replicate it in other institutes.

So, I immediately promised that I would do that as soon as I can after exams (I’m in an Exam period Now).

Finally, What I can say on this experience is that sometimes Volunteering and Helping others for Free could give you Superior Rewards than working just for money.

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