How To Get Admitted to a Machine Learning Course Sponsored by MIT

Machine Learning Crash Course 2019 (MLCC 2019) it is a Course organized every year in Italy sponsored by MIT and the Center for Brains Minds + Machines ( a Project with the Partnership of Harvard and MIT).

This is the Best Course on Machine Learning you can get in Italy (the Best in EU is Organized by Imperial College London, where I was admitted too).

To participate I had to compete with Engineers and Physicists during the Application, and I have to admit it isn’t so easy.

I had to show what I did in my Bachelor’s Thesis (a Machine Learning Algorithm in Python to Predict Tesla’s Stock Price using Sentiment Analysis derived on Twitter, with a Correlation approximately equal to 94%).

Also, I showed that my Level of Math (Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Probability) was Adequate to the Course.
Those, in fact, are topics that I suggest to everybody that want to Start a Career in Data Science or just want to Learn how to Apply Machine Learning or AI to her/his field.

One of the Text Books where I studied to Introduce myself to the necessary Math, was one used during my Master Degree (Corporate Finance): Introductory Econometrics for Finance (Chris Brooks).
This is one of the best if you want to ensure you have the Linear Algebra prerequisites necessary to Start to Learn Machine Learning.

Also, one of the Book Suggested by my Teacher Lorenzo Rosasco (An MIT Professor), was “An Introduction to Statistical Learning“.
This is necessary to go deeper into the Machine Learning topic (not necessary to start the course, but probably you will need it to understand deeply the concepts).

Finally, if you want to get admitted next years ensure yourself to understand and know very well Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Probability, and prepare yourself to be concentrate during this Super-Intensive 5 days course (You will spend approximately all the day in University).

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