What I Learnt Solving The McKinsey & Company Business Case

One of the Most Important Skills in Life it is Problem Solving.

Being Able to Get Over a Problem and Find a New Optimal Solution It is both an Art and a Science.

When I was a Kid, generally I Loved to Resolve Problems, trying to think an Innovative Logical Solution, having a Polyhedric Prospective of the Complex System (Not Casually some of my favorites characters include Sherlock Holmes and Doctor House).

This is a condition that I faced, under a deeper and maturer perspective, during the McKinsey & Company Business Case (Reserved to Selected QTEM Students).
In fact, It was one of the best (but also one of the most difficult) situations that I could face as a Corporate Finance and QTEM Student.

Generally, I love challenges, especially when I am surrounded by some of the Brightest Minds in the World (the QTEM Students, that are the top 5/10 students for each Top EU University).

Also, including that McKinsey & Company It is simply the Best Strategic Management Consulting Company in the World, I faced a series of factors that contributed to making the challenge tricky.

So, when I received the “Call to Participate” to the Challenge, I immediately accepted because I wanted to test my Problem-Solving Abilities and to do a New Learning Experience.

The European McKinsey & Company’s Headquarter it is Located in Brussels, the Center of Europe, and it is Pretty Superbe, near the same offices of the Most Prestigious Companies of the World.

The Palace Where McKinsey & Company it is Located (Brusselles)
The List of The Companies that have their Offices in this Prestigious Palace

I was the First to Arrive at the Place, so While I was waiting, I took some Pictures from the Inside.

The View From the Inside
An Outstanding Hall Where To Wait Before To Start An Outstanding Challenge

Also, the Panorama that it is possible to admire from their office it is Pretty Amazing and Spectacular.

It simply worth the Pain and the Commitment to be Here.

McKinsey & Company Office’s Panorama (In The Background One of the Top Italian Students and Personal Friend)

After the Initial “Small Talk” with the Other Participants to Break the Ice, Tom Clauwaert (One of the Best McKinsey & Company’s Engagement Manager and Associate) explained us the general procedure and logical flows they follow in order to schematize and rationalize a Business Problems and to Find a Solution.

Technically, He Explained to Us that the Maximization of the Companies’ Value McKinsey & Company work with is achieved via an Outstanding, Precise and Specific Methodic Process where Profits and Cost Sources are Split into Smaller and Easier Blocks, making it Possible to Understand Better and to Analyze the Underlying Business Scheme.

During the Presentation, I was so Grateful to All this Meaningful and Genius Insights on the “Business Acumen” and immediately It became obvious to me Why McKinsey & Company is an Outstanding Strategic Management Consulting Company.

In fact, this was also one of the Pillars of my Success: when the Case Started, I was able (managing also my time) to apply All the Logical Pattern He Showed Us, and It was simply Amazing: I was able to Split the Costs of a Telecommunication Company (were all real data), Understanding the Company’s True Business underlying the Financial Data and being able to Conceive an Innovative Solution to let the Company to Compete with the New Digital Competitors.

Finally, the Case Ended and The Results that I determined togheter with My Team Luckily Were the Correct Solution.

In the end, there was a little appetizer (the food was amazing) and Networking with McKinsey & Company’s Associates, where I had the Opportunity to Get Deeper Insights on their Amazing and Outstanding Work.

  • Remember: Every Time You Will Face a Complex Problem, Chunk and Divide It into Simpler Parts Until You Face a List of Simple “Functions and Elements” You Will be Able to Handle and Understand Better.
  • Personal Suggestion: If you Want to Become a Strategic Management Consultant Learn to Code, in fact, the Methods you will Learn and the Logical Flows are quite similar!

Also Here There is The Official Video of The Event (I appear around 1:05 Minute).

Good Luck and Never Stop Studying!
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