How To Build A Fintech AI Chatbot

One of the hottest Technologies into the Finance (and also Investment Banking) field actually is Python, and the reason it is pretty simple:

  • Easy to Read and Learn
  • The most used modules are written in C++, so it is Efficient.
    Also, you can use Cython to obtain the vantages of a “Compiled language”
  • Huge Community: this means huge numbers of libraries, modules, and readily available functions.

Some people (non-programmers) believe that coding is necessarily a “Techincal” thing, the truth is that is more a Creative thing than a “procedural one”.
If you can imagine it, you can develop it: nobody and nothing can stop you.

A good programmer is more creative than procedural.

So, since I’m recently transferred in Nice a few days ago to study Finance (the top 3 University for MSc in Finance worldwide), I was strongly motivated to develop my Network and get the attention of my new Course Colleagues.

The reason is simple: if I’m useful to someone, the other person can become useful to me (win-win strategy), maybe developing some interesting future project.

Having a free weekend before the starting of the lessons, I decided to ideate a creative project building a Fintech Advisor, using Python (ML), AWS Cloud Computing and Telegram.

The 3 main features it has are:

  1. Crypto Sentiment Analysis.
    You can select whatever crypto you want (from the Coinmarketcap website), and using a starting period (which define the horizon of your analysis), you can obtain an Estimation of the True Crypto Price according to his Community’s Size obtained with a Machine Learning Algorithm (a methodology described in one of my past articles).
  2. Cover Letter Keywords.
    How many times did we ask how to write a Cover Letter or which words to use in our CV?
    Now we just have to use the Data: you insert the name of your desired job, and after 2-3 minutes the bot will send you an estimation of the most frequent Keywords used by Employers in their Job Offers (estimation made in real-time on approximately 1000 Job Offer).
  3. Stock Price Time Series Download.
    Sometimes is difficult for a student to find online Financial Datasets.
    So I made it pretty easy, you insert the Ticker of the Stock (ex. AAPL for Apple), the starting period and the end period.
    You will obtain a plot of this time series (close price) and a Dataset (CSV format) with the main financial data (daily).

You can test it on this link (you have to Download Telegram, an App similar to WhatsApp but more powerful):

Let’s try it! And if you discover some interesting correlation on unknown crypto on a specific time horizon and you make money, please remember me!

I hope that sharing my project is useful: if you want to learn more please comment here or contact me via the contact section!

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