Imagining The AI Future With EU President and Vice-President

Since I was a kid, one of my main Passions was Technology: this particular interest brings me to expand my knowledge about various topics, including Artificial Intelligence.

Constantly reading non-fiction books and scientific papers, at 19 I decided to write a book about the possible developments of Humanity Intelligence related to the Artificial Intelligence future impacts.

In fact, free-market production is a function of the individual bias, that tends to minimize the collective bias with to respect a planned-economy.

The Dilemma of the next 20 years will be determined by a new ecosystem founded on AI that will allow production decisions that will be, collectively and on average, better than the decisions taken in an organic free-market.

Artificial Intelligence can optimize our intentions and our experiences because can bring to events and decisions that an individual with limited information and cognitive ability could never obtain alone.

I decided to release my Book Online for Free to Everyone, according to the Open Source Logic, and it was Downloaded by more than 500+ people.
The name is “Manifesto della Geniocrazia” (Geniocracy Manifesto, the evolution of the human Intelligence in the next future), you can find a Physical Copy searching it on Google, but if you want the digital free version you can contact me via the Contact section or comment here ( I use the revenues of the Book only to promote it, so for me it is not important that you buy it since it is no-profit ).

Some weeks after the Publishing, I was called by an Italian Political Association for Youngs (BluLab) to Join a Meeting with the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani to talk about the evolution of New Technologies and AI in Europe.

Initially, I was a bit scared given my young age (at the time I was 19), especially because being in front one of the most important person in EU at the time was a really challenging situation.

But after some questions, the discussion started to become interesting: we all agreed that the future of Europe could be achieved by the Union of the Scientific Research under a common Vision and the boost of the Education System via a strong Focus on AI and Programming.

Just to give you an example, this is the estimated impact of AI on the GVA around 2035:

Baseline Vs AI Steady State

The Graph Above could show how increasing and spreading the Culture and the Education about AI right now could have an exponential future impact on the next 10 Years growth.

In a second moment (some months ago), I had the occasion to meet the European Vice-President Fabio Massimo Castaldo ( The Youngest in the History to Become Vice-President ).

He was invited to discuss with a group of students during the seminar “Present and future of wearable technologies” about IoT and AI.

This time I was more mature and it was easier to interact with him: so I asked him with a critical tone the developments of the Venture Capital Ecosystem in Europe to support and finance AI projects, given the next years’ pressures bring by USA-China AI “competition”.

Just to have an idea, this is the estimation of the USA investment in AI for the period 2013-2018 (in millions of U.S. $), nothing comparable with the EU.

The U.S.A. Should Be our Benchmark and not Africa to Invest in AI.

I hope that in the Next Future Europe will give more attention to these developments as a source of long-term growth and competitive advantage because it is today that we determine the economy of tomorrow.

The most advanced Nations, like U.S.A., recognize the importance and relevance of AI as a determinant trend that will affect the companies’ competitive advantage on the market, determining the reduction in some case of the average company’s lifetime, and consequentially are starting to invest massively to be the the Next Leader, the Leader of the Future.

The question we should ask ourself, as European and as People in general, is: we want to be Leaders who invest in AI or follower who will not understand what will happen?

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