What You Can Learn From The Multi-Billionaire King.com’s CEO

Just this weekend I won The Start-Up Week-End (2nd Place in Italy) together with brilliant people: an American CTO from Miami, a Resilient and Propositive Syrian guy with a Business Administration Background, a Marketing Niches Expert and a clever Front-End Web Developer.

All happened really fast, we built an Working Prototype in just a Week End to support American children in schools with the purpose to prevent unemployment (with the same Project Described in my first article) and wast of money resolving the problem of uncertainty during the choice of the career path right after the high school and of the degree.

I will talk deeply about that in the next article (for the moment this is the link to the chatbot) where I will explain what I did as the Data Scientist of the group and how my algorithm works in analyzing the most skills in demand in a specific state (Illinois for the purpose of our Beta)

The day after immediately I met the King.com CEORiccardo Zacconi – and he gave me some Amazing Advice for my future path.


Having the Courage to Ask People and Mentors when you feel not completely sure about something.
It is not necessarily what you don’t know but something that you are convinced to know but that in Truth is completely flawed that destroy your Business.

Pay Attention To The New Communication Channels

When Zacconi was launching his company discovered that simply transferring his games on Facebook would have exponentially increase the traffic.
Paying the right attention to the new communication channels will pay you in the long term

Understand The Power of Neurosciences and Gamification

This is True not only in the Video game sector but also in every sector.
Building the right incentives structure means Associate Individual Gratification to Positive Results for the Company, that in the long term will mean financial success and competitive advantage.
Neurosciences are fundamental to understand how we make decisions and what incentives us to perpetuate our decisions among time.

If You Want To Launch A Start-Up, Work in A (Big) Start-Up

Zacconi said to me: if you have an Innovative Start-up idea Launch It Immediately Now, don’t wait!
But If You Want to Learn (for example understand better a market or just consolidate hard skills) before to launch it, Work in a Big Start-up will be the perfect decision for you!

Start-up Means Hard Time

Everyone look at the Final Event (the 6 Billion Exit of King.com), but nobody sees the process underlying it.
Zacconi said that it took him 17 years to arrive at the Final Exit and a lot of Pain and Hard Work.
This mean Financial and Personal life Sacrifices: for a period of his life he lived at home of one of his friend (because he hadn’t the money to pay the rent).

Be Honest With Your Team

For a period the first competitor of King.com was starting to imitate the best product of the company, Stopping the Growth of the Company.
During these moments, to resolve the problems, being extremely honest about the danger of the situation with his colleges and teammate allowed him to pass and win the challenges and the difficulties.

Never, Never, Never Surrender

Be Consistent and Resilient among time: Surrendering is not a possibility or an option.

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