Why Data Literacy Will Make You Extremely Successful

Every time an argument o a decision starts with the word “I suppose“, is likely to be wrong.

Is of course intended for statements and assumptions based on the absence of objective data and facts not subjected to the boolean logic (yes/no scenario, with no possibility for third answers).

The human individual knowledge was the most used tool in human history to make important decisions since in the absence of alternatives it represents the optimal framework to minimize the errors in taking the best initiatives for the future.

But, what sometimes escapes from the consciousness of the decision-makers is that their mind is necessarily biased: we are not able to capture completely the external universe reality, we can just build an internal picture according to our filters and information processing abilities.

Consequentially, since the internal information is strictly limited, and is frequently influenced by emotions and by the mind internal filter, the picture of the reality we use to forecast the impacts and effects will build a scenario that will be necessarily distant from the one that will manifest once we commit towards that direction.

What minimizes the error of perception and standardizes the external dynamics in a relatively objective manner is data: the tools of measurements can be relatively more objective respect the human mind and can create a more stable picture of the external scenario, at least for certain metrics and variables.

Would you trust more an human memory of an event or a video?

This possibility is allowed by the increasing machines’ ability to perceive external reality and collect data in a structured and standardized format, and also of their ability to normalize the unstructured information, that still accounts for the greater type available.

Companies are becoming conscious of the shift towards the optimized human decision making towards analytics abilities and data literacy.

The art of decision making is becoming more scientific and less “discretionary”, especially when the scenarios built by the data modeling are increasing in quality.

This is why the data literacy is the new universal common framework that must be adopted by everyone wanting to succeed in taking better decisions since the “I think” is not enough anymore to justify a choice and being able to work with data and understanding the computational logic together with programming fundamentals is an essential skill for all business partners and managers inside a Company.

Capturing the insights from the data is essential since is an extension of the human decision making: is necessary to be fluent in coding and data science to understand how the data is structured to reconstruct a clearer scenario and relying on third people would imply missing the big picture of what is really happening and why the models are giving those results.

In the future, the Companies will relay more and more on less biased decisions, and the top-performing decision-makers will be not necessarily full-time developers but will have at least some coding experience together with a deep data literacy to successfully lead the bottom-up creativity process together with the top-down scientific method.

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