How To Become Imperial College’s Top Student For Machine Learning And Visit Google’s Headquarter

Frequently defined by International Students as the “European MIT”, the Imperial College is the Best University in Europe (and one of the Best in the World) to study Machine Learning.

Just to give an example, into QS Ranking, Imperial College is 2nd only to MIT in the Business Analytics Master Rankings.

QS Rankings – Master Business Analytics

When I read about their Intensive Summer program I decided to Apply, trying to enter in One of the most competitive International Course in the World, to have the Amazing Opportunity to Boost my Machine Learning Knowledge.

The First Step was to Apply on their Website: the Basic Requirements are a Strong Knowlege of Mathematics (at least A level) and have completed at least one year of a Quantitative Degree (“such as Mathematics, Statistics, Computing, Physics, or Engineering. “)

Coming from an Economics and Management Background I had to Work Harder to Show my Quantitative Abilities Developing a Well Defined Cover Letter and Specifying my Applied Achievements.

Luckily, after a Rigid Selection Process, I get Admitted and I Started to Prepare to the Coming Course.


R Software – A Statistical Programming Tool

The Pre-Course Required Students to Learn R Programming Language On Data Camp, it is mostly preferred for Statistical Application.
As a Python User I generally prefer this one, but at the end the shift wasn’t so hard (it was mostly about the syntax more than the logic).

Starting The Course

It is Fast (But Intense).
Expect to Go Really Fast, from the First Day.
Luckily I am used to my University Standards (Luiss) and wasn’t so hard to Stay Committed from the 10:00 AM until 11:30 PM (Lessons end around 5 PM, but you can’t study the day after because at the end of the first week there is the First Mid-Term).

Generally, you can Expect a Theoretical/Mathematical Lesson on the Morning and an Applied/Coding One during the Afternoon.

Briefly, the first period you can Learn the Most Used ML (and some basics DL) Algorithms and How to Apply Them in R, during the second one there is a Focus more on Time Series (Financial Applications) and into the last (third) one you will be introduced to Spatial Analysis (With Applications on Bioimaging).

The Classroom

The Classroom is very Diverse: People are from Different Countries and Different Backgrounds, and this was an occasion to have an International Exposure to Technologies Developments in all over the World: Talking and Discussing with them the Social Impact of AI in their Countries could help you to Develop a Better Cohomprension of Social and Political Evolutions.

Networking will help you to get the most from the Course, staying in touch with amazing and extraordinary people, who represents some of the brightest minds of their countries into AI Fields. Especially I met one Imperial College Mathematics Student who was a True Genius and a Friendly Guy who Suggested me a Place to eat Very Good Pizza in London (That’s Weird assuming that I am supposed to be The Italian Guy).

Studying for the Examination

There are 2 Examinations: the fist at the end of the first week and the last at the end of the course.
I Really studied hard (the most of the Time I Remained into University until 11:30 PM), but some times there were the Occasions (like the Boat Party, offered by the Imperial College) to have fun with friends.
This isn’t necessary to pass the Examination, but it is strictly mandatory if you want to Become the Best.

Photo After My First Lesson Day

Networking and London

London is one of the Most Beautiful and Efficient Cities of the World: You absolutely need to visit it, especially if you (like me) prefer Ordered Places and Civilized Persons.
Also, People are very Nice and Friendly, also Talking with them was Stimulant (I generally love to share my knowledge with others) and a Unique Opportunity to Learn.

Boat Party (Offered by Imperial College) – Hong Kong, Singapore, and French Guys.

Invitation To Visit Google Headquarters

My Skills and Projects attracted the attention of a guy that shared them with his friend who works at Google.
She invited me to Google’s Headquarter as Host to see the Building and Talk about what I’m working on and the Experience was Amazing.

I wasn’t’ allowed to take inside pictures because of the Company’s Policy, but I could take the Photo of the Outside Panorama, According to me One of the Best Landscape of London.

London’s Landscape from Google’s Canteen

I Can Guarantee you that the Environment and the Sensation were Outstanding and Excellent.

Also, People who work here were Out of the Common and with Unique Capabilities in the World.
I felt the desire to work here one day to learn the amazing Soft and Hard Skills that only Google can teach you.

What a Dream Place to Work In!

Portraits of the Imperial College Business School Summer School students in the College Main Reception, 10th July 2019 Photography by Fergus Burnett Accreditation required with all use – ‘’

I Hope Sharing My Experience Is Useful To You, To Stay In Touch Use the Contact Section!

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