How To Stop The Coronavirus Spreading

The Short Answer: using Beacon.

The Long Answer:

Given the recent exponential expansion of the COVID-19, governments are facing challenges in terms of Healthcare System sustainability.
Too many people are moving around the public and private places, and on average one infected (asymptomatic or symptomatic) can affect 2 to 3 people.

Consequently, this is a war that must be fought extremely seriously from the first contagion since one now could mean one million next month.

In fact, the first source of risk of this spreading is the uncertainty regarding who has the virus and could potentially affect others, since human contact is the main origin of the spreading.

Smart and indexed solutions as analyzing and forecasting the social network of the diffusion as in South Korea is shown to be the optimal approach, especially in terms of financial sustainability.

Quarantining an entire country for too much time is like striking randomly and launching grenades in an open space hoping to hit the enemy: it can work but is extremely expensive.

Consequently, being the spreading of the virus a function of the distance between humans (the less is the distance between people on average, the fast is the spreading of the virus), it would be useful to collect the data of the movement (and eventual contact) of the people among the day.

If for example, everyone wears a beacon, that if distant from the smartphone of another person less than one meter releases a unique hash (that represent demographic data as the ones on the ID card), it would be possible for authorities to reconstruct the network of contacts of the last relevant period.

This means that if the last week you spent more than 2 minutes with 20 people at a distance less than 2 meters, and you results positive to the virus, the other 20 people (and respective families) receive the order via SMS to quarantine themselves.

This approach works also as an incentive for people to stay distant from each other: if you don’t want to risk being quarantined, you must respect the social distances (also if the police caught you to not wear the beacon you risk to go into jail).

To stop the virus we need to track the human behaviors and flows, collecting data, and determining who is at more risk to be asymptomatic to prevent the “super-spreader” effect, and in doing this beacons represent a cheap and effective solution together with smartphone and IoT devices to prevent the coming healthcare and financial crises.

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