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My Article Where I Described How I Predicted EU Election Results

In my Recent Article, I predicted that Matteo Salvini would have won the EU Election in Italy.
This was an Incredible Risky assumption, also Because in the precedent EU Election (2014), his party received only the 6.15% of the Votes and in the last year National Election his party wasn’t so strong.

This Happened, and I am sad, not Because of Salvini, I don’t wanna take a Political Position with my Job (I’m neutral about that) but because of the Underlying Variable: The Level of Desperation is Increasing among the Population.

This is a sad historical moment for My Country, People are even more desperate and perception of reality is more and more critical.
We have to do something to rationalize the decision process, diversifying the quantity and the quality of the information people receive every day, monitoring if there is a monopoly of the attention and an extremely polarization of the ideas and consequently of opinions.

People must receive the right incentive to get more education, to reduce the unemployment level and also to increase financial culture, spreading, increasing and diversifying the generation of incomes.

This should be done in the “Libertarian Paternalism” Optic, described in the Nobel Prize’s Book “Nudge”, we have to build online intelligent platform system to incentive people to start positive behaviors and habit.
Because is starting from the Mind that Financial and Economics R-Evolutions Start.

Hoping for a Better Future For Everyone.

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